Group Therapy

DBT and Mindfulness Skills Training Group for Adolescents Aged 13 to 18

Wednesdays from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm (Now compiling a waiting list)

672 Main Street, Suite 2J, Harleysville PA. 19438

This group will help adolescents who struggle with poor emotional regulation, inability to tolerate stress, and poor interpersonal effectiveness.

Group members will learn the following:

  • Mindfulness: Being in the moment
  • Distress tolerance: Coping with super strong emotions
  • Emotion regulation: Identifying and managing emotions
  • Interpersonal relationship: Setting boundaries, communicating effectively

This group meets weekly for 24 weeks and is limited to six participants. Four pre-treatment interview sessions are required to determine fit for this group.

Cost: $60/per week.

Participants will receive a workbook and diary cards to be brought each week.

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