Initial Intake (60 minutes): $150

Individual Session (50 minutes): $130 

Parent Session (50 minutes): $130  

Family Session (60 minutes): $140

All of the above sessions can be offered through on-line therapy. 

A sliding scale fee is available for members of Open Path Collective. Must be a member of Open Path to receive this fee. Please visit https://openpathcollective.org/ for more information.

DBT group session: $840  Please note: There is a 24 week commitment for this group. This is necessary due to the amount of material to be covered. This group meets weekly and is a skills building group. The group, as of now, is limited to 6 particpants and a prescreening process will be completed prior to entering the group. Group admittance is on a rotating schedule. There is currently a waiting list for this group. 

Court appearance: $2500/day (must be paid in advance prior to court appearance). 

Parent Coaching : Parent coaching will be offered in online format only. Please note that parent coaching is not therapy and is not usually reimbursable by insurance. 

Coaching packages:

Introductory Parent Coaching Session (1 hour @ $200). During this session, I will get to know you and your current parenting struggles. I will collaborate with you on brief troubleshooting for your parenting and how you can best support your child.

Parent Coaching Strategy Session (1 Hour 30 Minutes @ $300), This package is for parents who are looking for individual, customized support and strategies to address challenging behaviors. I will collaborate with you on problem solving and creating an action plan with follow-up recommendations. During this time, we will be able to address 1 to 3 challenges in detail.

Ultimate Parent Success Course (10-Week program at $1500). During this 10-week program, you will experience live (virtual) 1:1 sessions and have access to weekly learning modules that can be completed at your own pace. In this course, we discover the residual beliefs and unconscious belief patterns left over from your own childhood that get in the way of your current parenting.  This course will allow you to release the limiting beliefs that keep you in parenting patterns that are not working. You will be given tools and solutions to help you connect with your children, so that you will have simple, effective communication and an understanding of boundaries based on family values. You will be able to manage conflicts and raise respectful, polite and thoughtful children who are self-confident, responsible and happy. And you don’t have to resort to yelling, punishing, or threatening.  Or turning a blind eye to unacceptable behavior. You will notice a decrease in your frustration level, less conflict in the home, a difference in your child’s behavior and most importantly, a deep sense of calm and connection, with the peace of mind that comes when you know you are doing your very best as a parent.

Parent Self-Care Strategy Session: (1 Hour @ $200). If you are not at your best, you cannot be an effective parent. You must take care of yourself. During this session, we will talk about the importance of self-care, what self-care looks like for you, and how to fit self-care into your busy life. We will collaborate on creating a self-care plan that will fit into your life. 

Visit htpps://www.parentingthepeacefulway.com to schedule a FREE 30 minute Discovery session. 


LPC Supervision, Group (2 hours twice per month): $160/month

LPC Supervision, Individual (60 minutes): $70  (If also a member of Supervision Group: $60/hour)


Professional Consultation $150/hour

Program Evaluation and Development: Contact me for a quote

Speaking Engagements: Contact me for a quote



I offer appointments in the evening and on Saturday.

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